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Dress Code


Mass Motion Dance feels strongly about having students in appropriate dress code for each class in order to  achieve a professional learning environment in the classroom. We are also committed to making every dancer  comfortable and included, no matter what your size, shape, race or gender. Every body is a dancing body!  Attending dance classes in the proper attire shows respect to the art of dance and yourself. It also allows instructors to properly train dancers for alignment as well as ensuring that the body is being used properly.  

All students should have their hair pinned up neatly during all of class, no ponytails. No gum chewing is  allowed at any time. No dangling earrings, bracelets, necklaces or jewelry should be worn. 

Tiny Tots 

Female: Pink leotard, pink tights & pink ballet shoes. Tiny Tots who take tap will need caramel buckle tap  shoes, no ties please, and no black tap shoes! An attached skirt or Tutu is allowed.  

Male: Black pants, white t-shirt or tank top. Black ballet shoes. 

Level Classes 

Female: Black leotard and skin-colored convertible tights. Convertible tights have a hole in the bottom of the  foot so that children can wear tights on their feet with shoes, then can be barefoot when necessary. Pink  leather ballet shoes, caramel u-shell buckle tap shoes, barefoot for jazz.  

Male: Black pants, white t-shirt or tank top. Black ballet shoes and black tap shoes. Barefoot for jazz.

Other: If a student has any problem with the above dress code, all black tight fitting clothing may be worn. 

Children and Teen Program and Intensive Programs 


Female (she/her): Black leotard, pink tights and pink split-sole leather ballet shoes.  Male (he/him): Black pants, white t-shirt or tank top. Black split-sole leather ballet shoes. 

Other (They/Them): If a student does not identify as she/he or has any problem with the above dress code, all black tight fitting clothing may be worn. 

*All midline/centers should be covered for ballet. 


Modern, Jazz, Contemporary & Tap 

All black tight fitting clothing. Black leotard, skin-colored or black tights is preferred. Black crop tops and  sports bras are allowed as long as they offer enough support for the dancer’s individual body type. This may  differ slightly for different body types! No loose shirts, pants or shorts are allowed in class.


Jazz shoes are only required for Intensive Training Programs: Capezio Hanami Wonder Jazz in Caramel or So  Danca JZ-43/JZ-43A.  

Contemporary: Half sole shoes in the dancer’s skin color are beneficial. 

Tap: Children’s Program and Petite Intensive: Tan U-Shell Buckle. Teen Program and  Junior/Intermediate/Senior Intensive: Black (Oxford) Lace Up Tap Shoes. 

Hip Hop 

Loose comfortable clothing and clean sneakers not worn outside. NO JEANS are allowed! This is the class  where the dancers can choose their own individual clothing and style. Hip hop combined with Acro, please see  Acro dresscode below. Dancers can put a loose shirt or pants OVER their acro clothing. 

Acro and Conditioning  

Black leotard and tights or shorts are required. No loose fitting clothing. Bare feet and hair up neatly. Same  as Modern/Jazz/Contemporary. 

Irish Step 

Black leotard and/or MMD Irish Shirt t-shirt and black shorts, tights or leggings. White socks are optional.  Black gillies or black ballet shoes. Hard shoes required for Intermediate and Advanced Level. Please discuss with Miss Pattie! 

Competition Team 

In technique class, dancers should have the dress code above. In rehearsals dancers are welcome to wear  other colored athletic clothing, no loose clothing or t-shirts. Hair should be up neatly and away from the face,  no ponytail. At outside events, all dancers MUST BE IN MASS MOTION DANCE APPAREL at all times.

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